Dream Week


Cody evicted

Hayden wins buy back

One of Donny/Hayden/Zach win HoH

Donny/Hayden/Zach form final 3 alliance

Slay their way to final 3 


"You’re not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness."

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"It’s going to look sad on tv, I mean, a whole group of young people picking on the oldest guy for no reason whatsoever. I’ve never lied to no one, I’ve never yelled at no one, I’ve never done harm to no one in the house. I’ve only befriended people that didn’t have friends. But, we’re not playing for what people at home think, we’re playing for what each other thinks. But I’ll walk out that door with my head held high, because I’ve done nothing against anybody."

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Stay Awake by Lydia

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Does it ever end?

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